Baby Milestone Memories Book


Our gorgeous Baby Milestone Memories book has been designed to use with and compliment our Premmie Milestone Cards but is perfect to use with any baby milestone cards. With whimsical watercolour designs and plenty of room to write, it's the perfect book for collecting all those special milestones and memories of your darling baby. 

Each page allows space to place a milestone card, a photo of your baby and lines to jot down memories of the day your baby reached the milestone.
There's also space on each page to record your baby's age, weight and gestation at the time they reached the milestone.

Our Baby Milestone Memories book includes 46 pages:

* 37 x single milestone pages
* 2 x 'My Pregnancy' pages 
* 2 x 'Hello World' pages
* 1 x 'My Tiny Hands' page to ink print your baby's hands 
* 1 x 'My Tiny Feet' page to ink print your baby's feet
* 1 x 'My Amazing Nurses' page
* 1 x 'Hospital Treasures' page
* 1 x 'This book belongs to' page 
* 1 x large envelope attached to the back page to store additional treasures

My Pregnancy Story (double page) - with space to include a photo of your ultrasound and prompts to record details such as when you found out you were pregnant, the first people you told, first time you felt a kick, your estimated due date and your bub's actual birth date, your unique story will be recorded forever.

Hello World (double page) - record all the details of the day your precious bundle was born; their name, birth date and time, weight, length, the hospital they were born at, how you were feeling and where their name came from. There's even space to include a 'Welcome to the World' Milestone Card along with the very first photo of your baby.

My Tiny Hands & My Tiny Feet (double page) - is there anything cuter than a baby's tiny hands and feet? Well, there's space in the book to ink imprint their hands and feet on to the page so that you will never forget just how tiny they were.

My Amazing Nurses - without all the amazing nurses, who knows where we'd be! That's why we've dedicated a page to them :) Record the names of your nurses, photos of your bub with their nurses, or ask your favourite nurses to write a little note to your baby to keep forever.

Hospital Treasures - we love to treasure things that remind us of special times in our lives, so why not include them in your Baby Milestone Memory book. You could include things like your baby's ankle & wrist name bands from the hospital, their cute little jaundice glasses or special notes or cards you were given.

* Printed on 250gsm white stock
* Spiral bound for ease of writing on both sides

We absolutely love what we've created, and we hope you do too!

Love, Kirsty and Lizzie xx