Pregnancy number two equals premature baby number two - a slight hiccup

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Since I last wrote about my scan on Wednesday lots of things have happened - both great and not so great.

I woke up Friday morning at 6.01am (always 6.01am or 6.02am!) and slowly rolled on to my back, again as I always do. Usually at this point P2 gives me a few swift nudges to let me know that it's not comfortable and to roll back over. On this occasion that didn't happen. When Hayden woke up he asked how P2 was and I commented that it must be still asleep as I couldn't feel any movement. He got up and got ready for work as I lay in bed and began to think a little bit too much about the fact that I couldn't feel any movement. By 7am I still hadn't felt anything, even after moving in to all the usual 'nudge worthy' positions. I was starting to get a bit upset but tried to keep a strong face as Hayden had to leave for work. Of course, he saw straight through it! 'Call the obstetrician' he said. I said I'd wait another ten minutes and get up and have a shower. Before I was even out of bed, my sister arrived on the doorstep, Hayden having called her to come down. She asked me if I was ok and I burst in to tears! Hayden had explained that I couldn't feel any movement, so she gave me ten minutes to have a shower and then I was to ring the obstetrician. I had a long cry in the shower which I think was actually just what I needed.
When I got out I rang my obstetrician who said to get in the car and come straight in. He said there is no point being concerned, especially with a baby of this size. At this point both Lizzie and I were wondering if I should be taking a bag for myself and the baby. Lizzie whipped up a baby bag complete with blue and pink prem clothes, beanies, booties, bunny rugs and blankets (pretty much one of everything we sell!) as I threw some clothes in to a bag for myself. It's funny looking at what you pack when you're not quite thinking straight (I later looked through my bag and had packed a brightly coloured Mister Zimi dress and two perfumes - not sure where I thought I would be going once in hospital!). 
We quickly packed Poppy up and all jumped in the car. Peak hour traffic was kindly on our side thanks to school holidays and we made it to the hospital in half an hour. I think in that time I felt some very light movement, but wasn't 100% sure and still nothing like usual.
We met Hayden at the hospital and headed up to the labour ward. My obstetrician had called ahead, so a lovely man greeted us and took us straight in to a room and attached the CTG. My heart was absolutely in my throat as he began to look for the heart beat and commented 'it can sometimes take a while to find the heart beat with a tiny baby like this one'. Then the most precious, perfect little blip started to appear on the screen - P2's heartbeat. I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry, but Poppy quickly took over as she demanded Lizzie take her for a ride on the wheelchair outside the door - you can always rely on a child to fix an awkward situation!

For an hour I lay with the CTG blipping away nicely - albeit having to push the pad in to my stomach because it kept loosing the heart beat. My obstetrician came in after an hour and said the trends you look for with these were all there; a heart beat between 100 and 160 beats per minute, large arcs on the scan and no sudden drops in the heart beats. He said the heart beat was actually really good for a baby of this gestation and wasn't concerned at all. He did still want me to return Saturday morning as planned just to have one more look.

This was pure relief for all of us and taught me a very good lesson; if in doubt just ring and go in. There is no point trying to be brave and thinking 'I don't want to bother anyone'.

The rest of Friday was lovely - I had a picnic in the backyard with Poppy and made the most of the beautiful weather. I also knocked off an absolute essential; painting my toenails in preparation - one must have good toenails when giving birth! I felt so relieved, but also looking forward to heading back in to the hospital the next morning just to double check the heart beat.

Saturday morning we were in the hospital and on the CTG by 9am. Again, everything looking great. My obstetrician is away this week (always the way!), so he sent a colleague to call in and check the CTG. She said everything was looking great and to come downstairs to her rooms so she could give me a quick scan. P2 was happily wriggling around as she got the picture up on the screen. Firstly she looked at the blood flow through the umbilical cord and said it was looking great - better than on Wednesday. She said this was most likely due to the steroid injections I'd had earlier in the week. She then checked the amniotic fluid levels. Unfortunately these had decreased again (now 5.8) however she said with the blood flow looking so good she wasn't concerned.
More relief washed over both Hayden and I and we were able to leave the hospital by 10am to enjoy the gorgeous weekend weather confident P2 was happy and healthy.

My next scan is Tuesday morning where we will see how P2 is progressing and in particular how big it now is. This will be quite critical as my placenta is weakening daily and will not hold out much longer. This will also only make me 31 weeks, so fingers crossed we can get through an extra week to the 32 week mark. 

Here's to hoping the next 48 hours are uneventful!

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