The smell of the Special Care Nursery

28 March, 2014 0 comments Leave a comment

Earlier this week I went back in to the Special Care Nursery at Freemasons Hospital to drop some brochures in to Robyn and the girls in the Maternity Ward. 

As I stepped out of the lift, I was hit with the smell of the ward. That gorgeous smell of new baby mixed with cleanliness, fresh flowers mixed with hospital disinfectant.
Immediately I wanted to cry. These were happy tears though. The time I spent in the Special Care Nursery was one of mixed emotion; initially extreme sadness at having to leave Poppy the day I was discharged from hospital, to over time becoming happiness as I made the journey in to the nursery each day to be with my baby girl and learn from the nurses, or angels as I like to think of them.

I was surprised just how emotional I was, especially after 2 years. As Robyn guided me in to the Special Care Nursery, I saw new parents bathing their babies and then I heard the gentle voice of May who watched over Poppy for weeks on end, and again I wanted to cry!

She was extremely busy, with five sets of twins along with three or four single bubs, but she made the time to come and see pictures of Poppy and comment 'wow, where has those two years gone!'.

I was one of the lucky ones. I went home each night knowing my baby was healthy and simply needed to fatten up a little. This is not always the way for parents of prem babies & my heart goes out to those parents who have to bravely leave their sick babies at night.

I have spent the last few days thinking about the Special Care Nursery and those amazing women who we entrust the lives of our precious beings. Without them, my life as it is right now would be very, very different.

So as I sit here writing this, I want to thank all the special 'angels' out there, tirelessly comforting, saving and nurturing our beautiful children. Whether you have a full term bub or a tiny early bub, remember to think of those caring for our babies and show them your gratitude - they are an amazing group of people.

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